Why Wosana?



Wosana is not your average translation, proofreading and content writing company for three main reasons: 

1. Our skilled and vetted professionals assure accurate and proofread natural translations and content.

Our translations look as if they had been originally written in that language, with idioms and expressions that your target language relates to. For example, catchy slogans or English poems typically do not sound catchy and witty at all when translated literally. We use native language at its best, and use our creative language skills to translate and write in a way that conveys your message exactly as you intended! Since our clairvoyant abilities are not always perfect we will always ask you if we are in doubt. 

2. We take pride in maintaining your professional business image; your business is our business

When translating we also verify and if needed correct the original texts and pick up on errors such as typos, inconsistencies, and clumsy expressions. Typos turn away potential customers and make the existing ones doubt their choice and trust in you. We require you to provide us with basic info of what should be included in content we create for you, your intended tone, your targeted keywords,... the more detail you provide the better we can tailor content specific to your needs. We also pay attention to correct localization, to use local names, currency, and other specifics targeted to your audience. Never feel ashamed to give us a link to a competitor´s site, or to any website that may have inspired or impressed you. 

3. We will always provide you with realistically attainable timelines. 

If you rate quality above speed, you speak our language. We adhere to our promised timelines and schedules and stand by our quotes. We do not promise speedy delivery just to later tell you we need more time because... The only acceptable exceptions are illness, natural disasters, war and of course clients making late changes to requirements.To date, only the latter has caused delays :) 

We do not just blindly translate without context checking and do not charge extra for relevant feedback. At Wosana we always question inconsistencies and communicate with you without incurring further charges.

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