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You already know what your business does and what products and services it sells. But how do we convey that message to your potential clients? Just writing in plain English (or whichever language your company operates in) is not enough! It may work for people reading it, but for a search engine to know what your company is about it is also important to make your text understood by the bots that crawl the internet. Welcome to the world of SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. 

Did you know a bicycle website that only mentions the word bicycle twice on their website will not be seen as a bicycle website by search engines, even though the site refers to people on wheels 100 times. A human may have no trouble understanding the text... if they find the site! Make your website bot friendly too!

WHY WOSANA? We can create and duplicate your content in most languages because we know not everyone speaksa da english!

At Wosana we do research and find out exactly how people have come to find your website, what they searched for and what they were looking for. We then create text of the required length to appear both to the search engine bots, the ones that will judge you as a relevant website or not, and to humans reading your website.

Our entry price for this service starts at Euro €150 per page/article of up to 1000 words. You will get an SEO-optimised version of what you already have, in the language of your choice*. If you require us to learn about your service/products we can create website content for you from €300 per page/article of up to 1000 words.

To find out why it is so important to have SEO-optimised text on your website, plus FREE information on how to do it, why not download our free document which explains everything in relatively simple terms in a format you can easily print and pass to your boss or to those responsible for your company's website. We can do the work or you can do the work, up to you!!

Request a free Website Content PDF document in your in-box: Click Here

This is a free easy to follow one-page explanation on how to create SEO-optimised blog updates and why it is important to link them to your social media accounts. Get this obligation-free flyer to print and pass to colleagues/teams/boss.

* most common languages

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