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Has your business started a Facebook or Twitter presence yet? Have you run out of ideas on what to say on social media each month?  No point in having social media if it isn't regularly updated with relevant information. And your website will lose its page ranking without regular updates.

Wosana can create a monthly article of interest to post on your website/blog and publish a linked teaser on your Facebook page or Twitter account, or wherever you like to post it in any common language you like. Basic monthly packages like this start at €200 per month. 

WHY WOSANA? We can create and duplicate your social media and blog posts in most languages because we know not everyone speaksa da english!

Maybe you already have staff and ideas and just need to get pen on paper, in which case you may wish to download our free pdf that explains the reasons why it is so important for SEO and social media presence, lead generation and your overall company online health. Just leave your email with us and you will find a printable pdf in your inbox that you can print out and pass to the relevant department, your boss, or whoever you think needs to know!

Request a free Social Media Content PDF document in your in-box: Click Here

This is a free easy to follow one-page explanation on how to create SEO-optimised blog updates and why it is important to link them to your social media accounts. Get this obligation-free flyer to print and pass to colleagues/teams/boss.

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